About Us

Who We Are

We are a seasoned team of visionaries, engineers, designers, and strategists working together to put advanced technology to practical use.

What We Stand For

Company Core Values

Transparency - We are transparent in what we say and do with each other, our clients, partners, and industry peers about our products and services and the value they add.

Clear Communications - The key to success in battle is effective communications. We want to start and contribute to conversations that initiate deeper discussions that result in execution.

Company Mission

Farmwave’s mission is transforming the world’s agricultural information into AI data models that power decision-making and preserve the future of farming- the legacy and experience of knowledgeable farmers.

Company Vision

Farmwave’s vision is to build the new decision support ecosystem for agriculture- transforming information from technology, people, and data into decisions to reduce crop destruction and to increase yields.

Craig Ganssle

Founder & CEO

Charlie Bassham


Nick Palczynski


Brian Bull

Lead Software Architect

Tom Hyatt

Data Engineer

Frank Benoit

Sr. Software Architect

Noriaki Kono

Lead Data Scientist

Chuck Adams

Sr. QA Automation Engineer