API Functionality


Farmwave is about doing what we do and doing it well. We are not a Farm Management System (FMS), we’re not doing UAV or satellite imagery, and we’re not building sensors. However, we do know that all this other data is important. Through a Farmwave API integration, 3rd party technologies will be able to send imagery to Farmwave’s CORE and we’ll send results back.

Through our dedicated and validated library of imagery, specifically built for artificial intelligence in plant pathology, we’ve done the heavy lifting on image recognition. Add value to your SaaS platform with ground-truth data from Farmwave’s community of users.


We are now offering access to the world’s leading database of agriculture focused imagery. The set continues to expand- we’ll soon add diseases and pests affecting tomatoes, cotton, strawberries and hemp.  

Equip your users with the ability to add a layer of predictive insight to sensor and drone imagery. Boost crop reports with extra scouting capabilities.  

Current Available Features 

  • Pest and Disease Identification and Classification
  • Kernel Counting 
  • Stand Counting (Q3 Release)
  • Growth Stages Estimation (Q3 Release) 

Custom Integrations: 

  • Visual Ground Truthing
  • Geospatial mapping and tracking   

Contact us to access Farmwave’s Rest API. It’s the most advanced disease and pest analysis in agriculture when it comes to protecting corn and soy beans.