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The Farmwave Web App


Farmwave provides smart image processing to present growers real-time feedback at every stage of crop maturity. By accessing our web app, you can use the built in tools to scan and identify pest and disease issues, or perform rapid counts for yield estimation or loss prevention. Our CORE ( Cloud Optimized Recognition Engine ) leverages AI and deep learning to reveal a more comprehensive picture of how fields are performing.  

A tablet shows a clean and easy to navigate dashboard in the Farmwave Web App.

We power the precision to optimize scouting, irrigation, pesticide use and harvesting. Simplifying measurement and data collection enables users to reduce economic loss.
Track your results and share them with your team in a dedicated communications platform to engage topics, share knowledge, and get things done.

A smartphone displays an ear of corn and its calculated kernel count using the Farmwave web app.


An icon of a hand holding a phone identifying pest or disease damage to a piece of corn.

Automatically identify pest damage and diseases through AI using smartphone photos.

An icon of a magnifying glass positioned over a leaf representing the power of auto-tagged field reports.

Create field reports auto tagged with multiple inputs like location, weather, and sensor data.

A corn icon to represent the rapid kernel counts on photos for estimated crop yields.

Make rapid kernel counts with photo scans to estimate yield.

3 farmers outlined as an icon to represent the real-time report sharing and easy communication on the Farmwave app.

Easily communicate and share files with your team.

A laptop with an expanded view of Farmwave's progressive web app shows how field reports laid out, like a Pinterest board, for easy use.


Farmwave runs in your favorite browser with no downloads. The progressive web application is faster and gives you better battery life, while being device agnostic. The platform can be used to enhance your crop reporting style. Visit farmwave.app on your iPhone, Android device, or laptop / tablet browser. Make observations of your plants, importing or uploading existing photos. Entries are can be automatically tagged with location and weather details.

Share your findings with others who share your goals, or you can petition your community for help with an agricultural problem.



An agriculture season is about the what, when, where, and who. Farmwave’s Progressive Web App (PWA) technology brings it all together. Within Farmwave Communities you can collaborate with others, seek information from across the globe, and impact an entire generation of growers.

Farmwave Communities is about sharing actionable insights and where they happened. In Farmwave Map View, you’re able to see where you were, or where someone else was when they captured the right data. From Map View you can click on locations to see a quick view of details and even click further to then go to that report.

Soon, with API integrations, these map views will become more and more detailed and give more detailed insights into what happened in a particular spot on the land.


You can get started with Farmwave for free. Nothing to download. Easy to get started.