Craig Ganssle

Craig Ganssle is the Founder and CEO of Cadre-AI, Inc, an artificial intelligence technology company that architects purpose-built autonomous AI solutions delivering value. Today, Craig leads a seasoned team of visionaries, technical engineers, designers, and strategists working together to introduce Farmwave; Cadre’s agriculture division. Powered by a proprietary and extensive dataset, which includes 3 approved patents, Farmwave adds value with a unified intelligent platform across multiple channels in agriculture. With integrated smart tools, Farmwave increases agriculture profits in the billions on an annual basis. In addition to agriculture, Cadre has developed purpose-built solutions adding value for clients in manufacturing, smart spaces, and marketing automations. In addition to his contributions in the public sector, Craig served honorably in the United States Marine Corps as an intelligence communications operator. He was later honorably discharged in 2001 for medical reasons. During his seven years of service, Craig was decorated with various commendations and medals for his service. Upon leaving the military, Craig spent 15 years as a senior engineer with Verizon Wireless prior to founding Farmwave. Craig is very active in the tech community in Atlanta and Alpharetta, GA. From August 2017 til November 2017 Craig was a board member of Tech Alpharetta and later served as Chairman of the Board from November 2017 til October 2018. Craig also served on the Forbes Technology Council (2017), the FCC Rural Broadband Task Force (2020/2021), Ignite HQ Board Member (2019), and is currently a Global Ambassador with the Swiss Cognitive World-Leading AI Network, as well as a member of the Dean Advisory Council at the University of Georgia CAES.  Craig resides in Dawsonville, GA with his wife, Jenny, and two of their children. His oldest daughter lives in Virginia.

Stories by Craig

Derecho Damaged Bean Harvest

Farmwave Harvest Vision assisting during fall harvest after storms damaged soybean crop.