What differentiates you from your competitors?

Farmwave uses sophisticated patent-pending artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning algorithms and techniques to recognize agricultural pests and pathogens in seconds. Other solutions mainly rely on manual validation to achieve a consensus diagnosis, an approach that is more vulnerable to inaccuracies in misidentification. In addition, because the solution is not automated, there is still a time dimension that Farmwave mitigates.

Who are your competitors?

Farmwave’s capabilities differentiate it from similar solutions in the market. A lot of folks are interested in this space. It’s hard to keep up!

How is Farmwave different from others in a similar space? What makes Farmwave different from your competitors?

We designed Farmwave to be highly efficient, and replicable for customized uses with a CORE technology set that only gets smarter with time and usage.

There are current solutions that offer similar functionality of parts of our software’s functionality, but nothing brings together both the Farmwave technology and community experiences. We have provable results that deliver accuracy of results in a way that farmers can take action on immediately.