Farmwave Communities Now Open

by Craig Ganssle

Farmwave is not here to waste your time so we’ll get right to the point.

Time is a commodity we can’t get back. We’re not going to tell you how to farm; you know that. What we can help with is how to run your operation more effectively and in constant communication with others and solve problems in real time.


Because agriculture is one big logistics business with decisions to make every hour and those decisions can change in an instant due to a multitude of reasons!

In a nutshell, Farmwave allows you to create Field Reports; that’s it. But it’s what’s in those reports and where they go that’s key.

A Field Report is any combination of photos, videos, notes, or the use of our AI tools like disease and pest recognition or the counting app. It automatically captures your location, date, time, weather, and soon growing degree days. When you create a Field Report where should it go? That’s up to you! Share it with groups of people, keep it to yourself, particular teams, university ag extensions…anyone else in Farmwave you choose.

Over the years we’ve been told by farmers, agronomists, crop consultants, and many others about the broken and fragmented communications within agriculture. Some people text. Some people just call. Some use WhatsApp. Sometimes the university just tells them to post to Twitter and tag them in the post and they’ll get back to them ASAP. There’s Instagram, e-mail… and so on.

It doesn’t stop there.

We’ve also heard that a big complaint about tech in agriculture is that everything comes from within agriculture. Yet, there are tens of thousands of companies and startups building software and SaaS products that are used in many other industries… yet they never make it to agriculture.

THIS is why we chose to build a responsive progressive web application to integrate into the daily communications and decisions you make. The key to success in battle is effective communications.

  • Connect in public communities
  • Connect privately and with teams of individuals… enough sending multiple messages, build a field report and get it to the right group of people in seconds
  • NO per acre cost
  • NO data storage fees
  • It’s YOUR data unless YOU decide otherwise
  • Streamline the communications and decisions you need to make… every… single… day!


Farmwave is where AI began in this industry. Go back 6 years and you’ll remember when it was called intelliSCOUT and we presented to a standing-room-only crowd at InfoAg showing how we were counting kernels on corn in seconds with Google Glass.

Farmwave is a tech company first and an Ag company second. Our CEO was picture messaging in special forces Marine Corps in 1995 before there were even smartphones… he’s got over 20 years experience in imagery and computing.

Today Farmwave is the only database in the world that has been specifically built for the purpose of plant pathology and crop scouting. Every image used to train AI models in Farmwave’s CORE has been validated by Ph.D. level subject matter experts. We continue to build upon crops and their respective diseases and pests.

What about other data?

It’s coming. Integrations into your machinery, drone, irrigation, soil sensors, and farm management systems are in the works. Which ones? All of them. We’ve been approached by just about everyone you can name and we’re working diligently but effectively to build out these integrations.

We’d love for you to be part of Farmwave as we change the landscape and break new ground on generations to come preserving farming decisions today for the future of agriculture tomorrow. You can go here to learn more and take the web app for a test drive. We’re about taking the time to get it right. You won’t find a ton of high-tech nobs and switches here….just a simple, light, fast tool to compliment everything else in one easy to use mobile platform allowing you to communicate with everyone you need to…all in one place.

If you think Farmwave has a place in your operation, we’d love to come to visit and chat.

That’s right. We will come to you.