Farmwave CORE 

by Craig Ganssle

Since joining the Farmwave team a frequent question that I have received from customers, technologists, and general Farmwave supporters is, “What is the Farmwave CORE and how does it work?”. As many of us have had more “spare” time than normaI I wanted to tackle this question head on and provide a simple and easy to understand definition of the Farmwave CORE. So here we go…

When we think about artificial intelligence, we think of a systematic set of rules that will make automated decisions based off certain criteria. Just as in human anatomy, our brains act as the core to our thinking and decision making, so do we define the center of what we have built as our CORE.

To Farmwave, CORE is a very simple acronym and has been defined by us as the world’s first functional automation tool for vision computing.   

Simply put, the Farmwave CORE is an internal system and process for the intake of large quantities of video, imagery, text, and other data. Our proprietary system ingests the various types of data at an astonishing rate for building models while simultaneously tagging and augmenting said data in very specific ways. This methodology allows Farmwave to load data sets faster, build models in a more streamlined fashion, and produce results in a faster, more accurate, turn-around time than anything else on the market today.

When we apply our CORE in the business environment it can be used as a functional automation tool to return results in near real-time. Farmwave has applied this technology to agriculture, first, to build the world's first plant pathology library built for artificial intelligence and now to tackle automation in machinery such as combines, sprayers, and planters.  

The image below represents soybean header loss, showing our CORE processing, identifying, and displaying the kernels. Typically, many models require hundreds, if not thousands, or high resolution images to produce accurate results. In contrast, our sophisticated CORE achieved the results below with only 36 images. By Model 3, no human intervention was required; the CORE was teaching itself.

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