Farmwave's 2020 Harvest Vision Devices & RoadShow Workshops

by Craig Ganssle

Harvest Vision System Devices for 2020 Harvest Season

We've had a lot of requests for the Farmwave 2020 Harvest Vision device in the past few week just after announcing we've fulfilled our orders for the year. We're simply humbled by the demand and interest in the technology we've built.

We had a set number we intended to build and once we did that we stopped. One of the biggest reasons is that we're not a hardware company. The power in Farmwave is behind the software; the AI which performs the necessary tasks for real-time measurement of loss. Being a hardware company means carrying an inventory and this is very capital intensive. The fact is, the current v2.0 of the Harvest Vision System is made-up of off-the-shelf hardware. So, this means everything we purchased came from particular vendors and we paid a specific price for a specified number of 3D printed inserts, batteries, cables, aluminum boxes, graphics, etc.

So, if we are to build one-off units, we're going to have to charge a premium because we're going to have to pay the vendors a premium ordering one-off parts.

We are still able to do this, but we need to collect payment up-front. Build time is 2-4 weeks and ship anywhere in the US via FedEx Express 2-Day. 

Farmwave is also actively seeking 3rd party partners to build this hardware. The situation here is that we have a very specific criteria for the hardware requirements. It's how we came to build these units to begin with; nothing existed for us to showcase the power of the Farmwave AI.

If there's interest in ordering, please reach out to us via the chat application below and we can try and work something out.

2020 Harvest Roadshow / Workshops

From September 8 though November 24, Farmwave will be traveling the Midwest performing workshops with various dealers, partners, cooperatives, and interested clients. During this 1-3 day workshop we perform the following:

  • Classroom discussion on AI in Agriculture
  • What it means and what you should know.
  • Real value derived from AI
  • How to identify real solutions versus mere possibilities
  • Farmwave Vision System Overview; How we got here and where we're going
  • Harvest Vision Overview; Instructional tutorial on the Harvest Vision Device
  • Lunch & Networking (provided by Farmwave)
  • Hands-On Field Demo's and AI Skills Training

If you are interested hosting a workshop for your cooperative, dealer network, operation and community farms, please reach out to us below (website chat) and we'll work a proposal that fits your needs.

It's been a tough year thus far. We look forward to adding as much value as possible to our clients and partners this season. Please let us know how we can help.