Farmwave Partners With Green Lynx Farms in Colorado On Hemp AI Models

As hemp continues to grow in popularity among farming crops in the US and among legislation in various states, Farmwave and Green Lynx Farms are partnering to build AI data models in hemp.

Jack Varcados, a co-founder with his brother Bob Varcados, are in their third year of industrial hemp farming. When Jack reached out to Farmwave, he said, “As I see it, all of the true expert hemp farmers have long been dead, and the rest of us are starting all over from scratch,” which is exactly why Farmwave is being built.

While we at Farmwave have been approached in the past to building AI models around hemp, it’s mostly been via medical research companies who do not have access to the grow houses or imagery needed to build accurate AI models for image recognition.

Green Lynx Farms has an impressive facility, (see below), where they are beginning to capture imagery in a partnership with Farmwave.

Green Lynx Farm facility which recently partnered with Farmwave to build out their AI database.

I’m excited to work with someone as passionate about helping people as Jack is. He’s truly helping other farms in the US begin planting and growing hemp on their farms and he wants Farmwave to be able to help them make better decisions through the growing season.

Craig Ganssle