Meet Krishna Padmanabha; Data Scientist At Farmwave

A photo of Krishna and his father at their farm in India

Meet Krishna Padmanabha. Krishna, (left above), is one of the data scientists at Farmwave. This company, and what we’re doing here, resonates well with Krishna. He comes from a farming family in India. His father, (right above), still runs the family farming operation in India today where they grow areca nut, and coconut as well as bananas.

Krishna is passionate about what Farmwave is doing and will do in the future for farmers all around the world. It’s because of people like Krishna’s father we keep pressing forward with the daunting challenges of artificial intelligence in agriculture.


While agriculture has always been a global stage, I feel everyone is coming closer together because of the advances in technology. In addition to artificial intelligence, the capabilities in Farmwave to simply capture everyday data in forms such as photos, videos, notes and dictation, etc. is paramount.

Then it’s about sharing that data widely among peers, researchers, agronomists, and university ag extensions - the list could go on.

We’re excited Krishna is part of this journey with all of us here at Farmwave. His passion for what he’s working on and how it will help his own family is truly leaving a legacy.


You can also use Farmwave to let someone know… hey, there’s a king cobra on the property!