Information collected in the field can be shared at through field reports. These are simple comments usually accompanied with photos.

Farmwave automatically enhances the report with weather and map data (if available). (1) Maps can be viewed by expanding a report using the top right expansion icon. (2)

Subscribers can limit who sees the reports by sharing within a group of users called a Community. (3) Any report can be made private and viewable only to the user.

When uploading photos, you may opt to do a scan for disease, or a kernel count if you are uploading images of corn. (4) Ears of corn must be clear of all husks and silk.

Users in your community can comment on the report, allowing for conversation if needed. (5)

New reports can be added by clicking the blue ‘plus’ button. (6)

The web app is accessed through any browser on any device - there is nothing to download.