What is FARMWAVE’s long term goal?

Our goal is to change outcomes for farmers (less crop loss, higher yields, and more time to focus on what needs to be done, more profit from higher yields in commodity market) and for those who depend on them (more food availability on a global scale, eliminate starvation).

What is the FARMWAVE vision?

Our vision is to deliver actionable field insights drawn from people, machines, drones, and sensors via a centralized neural network. Using machine learning insights developed specifically for agriculture, FARMWAVE will provide insightful results, practical analysis, and predictive modeling in seconds, not weeks.

What is the FARMWAVE company mission?

We build smart software to help farmers get the most out of their farms, giving them the data they need to make better decisions. We bring together a global community of growers so they can share information, exchange best practices, and solve common problems. In doing so, we bring to bear the best in technology and community to change the way food is grown worldwide. In short, we're helping farmers feed the world.

By utilizing data from new sensors and tools, we hope to bring the promise of precision agriculture to each and every grower, changing the way food is grown on a global scale. With strong roots in cloud-based networks and a passion for efficiency, we are excited to grow Farmwave into a connected environment where smart data management combined with AI tools creates a community for advice, help, and knowledge.