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OEM Partnerships


Farmwave can run locally, on-board OEM equipment, or in cloud connected environments using simple hardware running Farmwave’s CORE calculations and image recognition identification. Results are delivered in near real-time so machinery can adjust on the move.

Farmwave is currently working with various OEM machinery companies on how integrations into farm machinery can perform faster and with more accurate insight.



increase harvest yield

Farmwave’s counting capability minimizes the time it takes to measure and make changes for loss. This real-time ability can alert the operator as well as be integrated into machine-to-machine diagnostics.

It works using pictures or video via a mobile device or via an embedded system on the machinery itself.


making every pass count

Farmwave technology on sprayers can add value in the field by using our patent-pending image recognition technology to identify disease and pest issues. At the same time our CORE is running the numbers on stand/plant counts and even growth stages on specific row crops giving you accurate measurements on crop height.


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