Problems FARMWAVE Solves

Farms are vulnerable to changing weather conditions, pests and pathogens that threaten their livelihood, and the changing needs of markets. One way to offset these challenges is the availability of relevant, timely, and comprehensive data. Yet while the proliferation of sensors and software has helped, it has also made the situation more complicated for farmers, as they often have to look for data in multiple places.

Currently, farmers fall into one of two camps: those that don't have enough data, and those that have too much.

In the first case, many farmers (especially smallholders in less developed countries) do not have the benefit of sophisticated sensors, precision agriculture software, or even a local ag extension office.

In the second case, farmers who have sensor networks, farm management software, and connected mechanized planters face a different problem: too much data in too many places, with nothing aggregating and interpreting this data for them.