The Farmwave Imaging System, Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

by Craig Ganssle

AI, as part of the precision agriculture technology boom, intrigues the agricultural industry. Futurists and growers alike dream of an AI-powered fleet that can make timely adjustments for maximum efficiency. More than one marketing video has depicted sprayers that can identify, target, and spray only diseased crops to reduce the gallons of pesticides used, or combines that can automatically adjust their dynamics to reduce head loss based on grain variety.

In reality, these lofty goals still seem a long way off. AI for agriculture is still in its infancy, as researchers try to contend with the complex, multi-faceted decisions that must be made from planting all the way to harvest season. Meanwhile, time, as usual, is not on the side of growers. Political turmoil, extreme weather conditions, and a shrinking farming population have contributed to ever thinner margins, with growers needing every advantage they can get just to survive until the next harvest.

Against this backdrop, skepticism about new technologies making big promises is understandable. No one wants to be an early adopter, especially when so many other technologies have failed to live up to their own marketing. However, in this case, adoption of the time and cost-saving discoveries we have made cannot come soon enough.

Farmwave will unveil a series of breakthroughs achieved through painstaking, time-consuming research that ultimately resulted in bringing AI out of the lab and into the field. Our discussion will dispel myths about AI in agriculture, revealing what works and what doesn’t. Readers will come away with more realistic expectations concerning the limitations and capabilities of current AI technology and see for themselves how this particular technology focused on harvest can immediately start saving farmers money during harvest.