The Tech

“Colleagues across academia and the AI industry are hammering away at the same concept: a better algorithm would make better decisions, regardless of the data. But I realized a limitation to this approach— the best algorithm wouldn’t work well if the data it learned from didn’t reflect the real world. My solution: build a better dataset.” ~Dr. Fei-Fei Li - Co-Director of AI at Stanford / Former Head of Google AI
“Everyone is working on better algorithms and trying to throw as much data at the problem as possible. But the data must be prepared, curated, and managed for a life-long achievement of accuracy, yet, must be done in a timely manner to produce real-time results. My solution: build a better engine.” ~Craig Ganssle - Founder & CEO, Farmwave

Perceived Conflicts in AI

  • Lower gross margins

  • Scaling challenges

  • Weaker defensive IP position

How We Differ

  • Automations decrease overhead

  • A whole new method of training

  • Patented technology

Technology Architecture Built For Growth

Farmwave combines powerful machine learning, proprietary algorithms, and techniques developed specifically for agriculture, and artificial intelligence to power intelligent decision-making capabilities.

We built a better engine to support a better dataset.

The Farmwave Advantage

  • Unbiased data set
  • Proprietary tools for image collection and curation
  • Patented technology in the agriculture space
  • AI models utilizing proprietary algorithms
  • API capability for 3rd party SaaS integrations