The Value Farmwave Provides

How Farmwave helps farmers succeed

Streamlined Communications - Effective communication is the foundation for any team's success. No matter the industry, a team wins or loses based on how well they communicate- and this is especially true in precision agriculture. Instead of trying to sort through a mix of texts, emails, or various apps, teams using Farmwave can keep their work in one place, streamlining their workspace with dedicated channels to accomplish whatever work lies ahead of them.

Focused Collaboration - Farming is a logistics business, and teams working in precision agriculture need the right approach to address the challenges facing them. Farmwave Field Reports are designed to provides teams with a way to capture precise information right where they work - in the field. Farmwave is more than a digital logbook for planting, growing, and harvest season information, however. By integrating with farm management systems, sensor networks, satellite platforms, drones, and other agtech, Farmwave Field Reports can import and share data wherever a grower happens to be.

The Right Data - Over time, data about a farm's planting, growing, and harvest season are gathered and analyzed, giving a farm's management team the ability to track changes over time, see where improvements need to be made, and make decisions. By working with the whatever a farmer is already using, from soil sensors to drones to satellite imagery, Farmwave delivers efficient, timely, and effective information when it's needed.