We Changed The Game In 2020

by Craig Ganssle

This was a year of many challenges for so many reasons. Whether it be a pandemic spreading throughout the world, or distasteful politics in the United States, 2020 was full of conflicts and challenges.

But at Farmwave, we're used to it. Because when you're building something so innovative, from an idea, and it's never been done before... the process is going to be full of challenges.

Regardless of what we faced, we could not be more thankful for our private shareholders, customers, dealers, and especially our early adopters this year. It took real courage and risk to see what we see, make an investment, work through initial pain points, and adapt and overcome the additional challenges the year brought between travel and shipping of our Harvest Vision System. But they knew Farmwave would push through and they followed.

We added a new value to harvest loss completely changing the way producers think about measuring loss. What was done maybe once or twice a day, or even a season, we began measuring 144 times per acre. We proved value over $1B annually in corn alone in the United States. We've responded to demand in South America, Europe, Asia, and Canada where they heavily requested small grains - so we began collecting data to build models by 2021 harvest.

Harvest was just the beginning. Repurposing the technology on sprayers and eventually planters, with OEM and FMS integrations on the way, we're not slowing down.

Our technology grew adding impact, speed, and scale to AI across the board and not just in agriculture, but also a new parent company called Cadre was born out of it. We proved that out internal tooling, methodologies, and best practices would change the game for AI in multiple industries. With this, we pioneered new business models, pricing, and how to add a compounding value for the future; now. We were awarded two patents and continue to add to that patent family.

Our story wrote new chapters in Brazil and the midwestern United States and people like Coral (Google), Future of Agriculture (Tim Hammerich), Built on Strategy (Branden Lisi), and the Goethe Institute, shared our story around the world.

Currently, there are many scheduled conversations happening in Q1 2021 with a demand to pre-order Harvest Vision through various dealers, increased demand in Europe, and tech companies with agriculture divisions talking about licensing our core technology.

We're so excited for 2021, but could have not gotten there without so many fantastic people along the way. We thank you so much. We look forward to continuing to build innovation to add value not just in 2021, but for years to come.