What we do

Farmwave's vision AI performs loss checks autonomously reducing harvest loss by 3-8+ bushels per acre.



Alerts Every 3 Seconds

Farmwave alerts you, in real-time, where on the combine it sees loss. This alert is accompanied by an annotated image showing you the grain and the accurate count validating the Farmwave system.


Here’s all the good stuff

Online or Offline

Works offline and at the edge with auto-upload of data once connected.

Unlimited Data

Taking a picture every 3 seconds means a lot of ground-truth data. We got you covered.

Stand Alone

Farmwave will work with any make and model combine. It is self sustaining and completely independent.

Data Export

Export Farmwave data into JSON format to use almost anywhere.


Finally, tech that pays for itself!

Farmwave shows real value and a return on your investment in a single season. We don't limit the number of acres, so the more you harvest the greater your value. 

Grower ROI - Corn and Soybeans

What our customers say

“A real-time, accurate assistant, watching what I am doing is huge. I can make adjustments on the fly and I know right away if that was the correct thing to do. In today’s low margin environment, every bushel counts. With Farmwave, I feel more confident knowing that I got every bushel out there.”

“At harvest, there are two places for loss; threshing and front-end equipment. Threshing loss sensors exist but could use substantial improvement to give insight in various crop conditions. Front-end loss has no loss quantification sensors that I am aware of. A huge opportunity exists in this area.”

“With the imagery provided by Farmwave, and an outside equipment consultant, we made two major changes to the combine. Adjusting sieve levels, and changing the rotor settings, together helped us to retain more grain.”

"The Farmwave platform allows us to ground truth in-field loss every second with a much higher degree of accuracy than any other system on the market"


Find a plan that works for you, or reach out to build your own!

During our early adopter trials in 2020, the average 2,000 acre farm saw a return greater than $75,000 in a single season.

Single Camera Kit


Best for measuring rear of machine

  • Checkmark Power Over Ethernet (POE) for stable and fast connection
  • Checkmark IP67 & IK10 rated
  • Checkmark IR Illumination for night harvesting
  • Secure & encrypted architecture and storage
  • Checkmark Online, phone, in-field support
  • 1st year subscription
  • Unlimited acres, storage, crop models
  • Recommended for small grains

Full Combine Kit


Best for measuring header and rear loss

  • Checkmark Power Over Ethernet (POE) for stable fast connection
  • Checkmark IP67 & IK10 rated
  • Checkmark IR illumination for night harvesting
  • Secure & encrypted architecture and storage
  • Online, phone, in-field support
  • 1st year subscription
  • Unlimited acres, storage, crop models
  • 2 additional AI Cameras (3 total)
  • Recommended for corn, soybeans, and wheat

Organizations we have worked with.


Need clarification?

What's included in the base system?

The base system includes our Farmbook AI-centric machine, 1 AI camera, and wiring harness.

What is a Farmbook?

In partnership with Lambda Labs in California, the Farmbook is a custom dedicated AI edge machine. It's a machine dedicated to running AI tasks, and even learning, at the edge with the portability of a laptop.

Your entire farm operation is a business, and it's getting more and more autonomous over time. The Farmbook is built for the future to integrate with the machines themselves, as well as other platforms, to bring the true power of machine learning and artificial intelligence right into the cab ... without the need for cloud connectivity.

The possibilities are almost endless.

What's not included?


Farmbook - Your Farmbook will run on battery, but it does come with a power plug. 

Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) Switch - This powers the cameras and sends data to the Farmbook.

Both of these run standard 120 power, which, you will need an adapter for depending on your make and model combine. Farmwave does not provide this due to so many various machines we can accomodate. 

Farmbook Stand

Everyone has the cab of their combine set-up differently. For this reason, we've left it up to you to decide how you want to mount / display your Farmbook in your particular cab set-up.


What crops does it work with?

Right now we have stable, accurate, AI models for corn and beans. Wheat, barley, and canola are in data collection and beta stages set to release in 2022.

Does it advise on recommended combine changes?

Soon. We're currently working with some 30 year veteran combine operators to build out the decision tree which will advise the operator through notification alerts the recommended mechanical changes to make based on where Farmwave sees loss coming from on the machine.

Can you see underneath the mog?

No. It's not x-ray vision. However, we're counting an average of every 3-5 seconds which equals over 140 times per acre making it more accurate than a single hand count.

Can I monitor my operator(s) remotely?

Yes and no. We have an optional cellular gateway which can be purchased separately to bring the system online in the field. However, this all depends on the cellular coverage in your area. Farmwave does not supply the cellular SIM card or a plan to go with it.

Why the annual subscription?

This maintains the licenses to maintain all the storage and protection of your data in the cloud. Currently, the offering is unlimited everything for the $1,000 annual subscription.

What do you do with my data?

We anonymize and retain copies of each image for training purposes of the AI only. Otherwise we do nothing with your data. You own it. We do not sell it, use it for marketing, or otherwise.

Can I download my data, and in what formats?

Yes. Right now you can download in JSON format which is very commonly accepted in most other software programs.  You can also email reports and download to PDF.

Can I get Farmwave for more than one combine?


Is this real?

Very much so. We understand there's been a lot of over-promise and under-delivering in the agriculture technology market. This makes us as mad as it does you ... which is why we've spent 7 years building a system that works and delivers actual value.

We encourage you to reach out to our advisors, or early adopters, and ask them yourself.