Harvest Vision

There is only one chance to harvest each season.

Are you maximizing your returns? 

Increase Harvest Yield! 

  • Harvesting equipment that is not calibrated can leave a grain in the field which means lost profit.
  • Monitoring the loss is manual and time consuming. The Farmwave equipment provides data to the operator 144 times per acre such that they can monitor the loss in real-time and make adjustments.
  • Adjustments that can help a grower reap more of the harvest, they have already grown.
  • Farmwave’s counting capability minimizes the time it takes to measure and make changes for loss. This real-time ability can alert the operator as well as be integrated into machine-to-machine diagnostics.
  • It works using pictures or video via a mobile device or via an embedded system on the machinery itself.

Harvest Vision Results

Current functional AI is on header loss and within the cleaning area with continued work toward header automation.

Future work on the same AI will focus on the rear of machine, and even pre-header loss.

In an integrated system, the units talk to each other to average a total machine loss in real-time while moving through the field.

In Development


Using thermal technology to identify kernels in real-time among debris exiting the cleaning area to see machine loss.


Using a threshold mapping tool to manage residue coverage.