The Farmwave Harvest Vision system uses camera sensors to measure harvest loss by taking pictures and count grain in real-time without ever stopping the combine. 

No more hand counts. 

No more drop pans.

Here's what the system looks like.

This is the Farmbook. It's a ruggedized Dell Latitude 7230 (12") or 7030 (10") all-in-one tablet. It's super powerful and it runs Farmwave's proprietary AI at the edge. So you don't need to be connected.

You can get it with 1 camera, or up to 8 cameras depending on the crop you're harvesting and the machine you have.

This is where you put it.

Most operators put one camera on each side of the header looking at the ground to monitor header loss.

The other camera goes on the back of the combine pointed upward, focused on the spread chopper area and is looking for grain, in flight, coming out of the back of the machine measuring combine loss.

If you have a combine with a dual spreader in the back, you can add another camera and simply point them towards the corners.

This is what it does

These cameras take a picture every 3 seconds.

It replicates the hand count method by simply counting the kernels in the frame, which is 3ft square, or 1 meter square.

It does this 144+ times per acre without ever stopping the combine.

Left Image: on the header facing down

Right Image: on the rear axle looking up

This is what you see.

In the cab, on the Farmbook, you'll see a horizontal graph for each camera.

The number in the circle represents the number of kernels it counted in the last pic it took. The graph is a trend line on your counts throughout the field.

Green is 0-9 kernels

Yellow is 10-19 kernels

Red is 20+ kernels

You can set this threshold in the settings screen and change it if you like.

This is what the camera sees.

Here is what it looks like to the camera view.

You can see these images when you expand on the graph and epand your view.

Here is the value.

You can click on one of the graphs and it will pull up an exploded view. Click on a dot in the timeline, and it will show you the annotated image where it counted grain.

Back on the main running page, you'll see values such as your average loss per acre, per count, and average losses on the day.

You get a report.

When you finish a session, (1 session = 1 field), you can save your progress and it creates a report.

It'll show you all the counts it made across the field, (breadcrumbs), with their correlating numbers and colors for easy reference.

You can export these to PDF, send them to someone else via email, or export to a JSON format to put into other software.

We're working on integrations all the time with OEM's.

Visual Walkthrough of the Farmwave User Interface (UI)

(click the top right arrow box to open full-screen and simply click through the demo)

Virtual Demo

What farmers have to say about Farmwave's Harvest Vision