Farmwave has 6 years of research and development building vision-based artificial intelligence to solve for various problems in agriculture. 

Below are examples we've built over the years of R&D. We can customize these, and more, to build a solution for your company utilizing the extensive data set of Farmwave and our agriculture focused algorithms.


The Farmwave Harvest Vision system uses camera sensors to measure harvest loss by taking pictures and count grain in real-time without ever stopping the combine. No more hand counts. No more drop pans. Customers see an average o 3-8+ more bu/ac.

API Integration

Whether it's counting algorithms, colorization for time-to-pick, or monitoring yield, Farmwave can integrate into existing, or new, platforms to bring value through our proprietary AI.


Farmwave has patented technology in sprayers in measuring droplet size, nozzle performance, and more. Right now this technology is in beta, but we're working diligently to bring this to market.

Transplant Machines

Farmwave's tracking and measuring capabilities through, on the move on sprayers, can bring real-time data such as plant counts, growth stage, spacing, measuring skips, and more.