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According to 2019 US corn harvest numbers, at approx. $3.68 per/bu, Farmwave would have increased the US corn revenue by roughly $1.4B*. 

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Our Vision

Transform the world’s agricultural information into AI data models that power decision-making and preserve the future of farming- while reducing billions of dollars and tons in waste each year.

What Farmers Are Saying

A real-time, accurate assistant, watching what I am doing is huge. I can make adjustments on the fly and I know right away if that was the correct thing to do. In today's low margin environment, every bushel counts. With Farmwave, I feel more confident knowing that I got every bushel out there.

Jake Smoker - Wanatah, IN

With the imagery provided by Farmwave, and an outside equipment consultant, we made two major changes to the combine. Adjusting sieve levels, and changing the rotor settings, together helped us to retain more grain. 

Ben Hill - Creston, IL 

At harvest, there are two places for loss; threshing and front-end equipment. Threshing loss sensors exist but could use substantial improvement to give insight in various crop conditions. Front-end loss has no loss quantification sensors that I am aware of. A huge opportunity exists in this area. 

Steve Pitstick - Maple Park, IL 

Most impressive use of artificial intelligence and machine learning being put to use for a great cause. The future is here with Farmwave 

~Anthony James Barr, Inventor of SAS (Statistical Analysis System) 

To see something like this, which started with Google Glass, defines what we call a moonshot here at Google X.

Astro Teller - Google X Labs for Innovation 

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