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We are transforming the world’s agricultural information into AI data models that power decision-making and preserve the future of farming. Farmwave brings all channels of agriculture to one unified communication platform for everyone. With integrated smart tools, Farmwave helps to reduce crop destruction and increase yields by 20-30%. 


Farmwave at a Glance

  1. Streamlining Field Work. Create, edit, and review Field Reports.

  2. Global Search. Find anything you need quickly from any Field Report.

  3. Your Data, Your Way. View Field Reports by geographical or via a list.

  4. AI on Tap. Take or upload photos to perform a yield estimate or identify pest or diseases against our database.

  5. Connect Your Team. Your team can easily communicate and share their field reports with each other in real-time so you can take action immediately.

Groundbreaking Smart Tools


Automatically identify pest damage and diseases through AI using smartphone photos.


Create field reports auto tagged with multiple inputs like location, weather, and sensor data.


Make rapid kernel counts with photo scans to estimate yield.


Easily communicate and share files with your team.



Next Level Farming with AI and Machine Learning

FARMWAVE’s AI and machine learning capabilities can automatically diagnose the pathogen or pest damage, and help you track crop diseases using photos from your smartphone.



Automated Kernel Counts

Yield quantification is now as easy as point and shoot using your device’s camera. Get an accurate count of the total number of kernels on an ear of corn – all with the touch of a button.



Field Reports Simplified

Easily track pests and diseases and keep others in the loop. Find report sites, keep updated on weather events, and browse your history of reports using the field mapping function. 

The web based app works in any browser, providing plenty of space for analysis and organizing. No connectivity? Upload photos and notes when you are back in range.


The move to a progressive web app

The Flexibility Growers Need

The native apps for iOS and Android will be phasing out as we finish our beta program and migrate to a PWA solution. Our app includes:

  • Robust web-based platform to manage agronomist reports and sensor inputs

  • Team communication via Slack integration

  • Smart Tools for Disease Recognition, Kernel Counting and More

  • Automatic geo-tagging, weather, and alerts

  • Easy expansion of new features and integrations

  • Faster load times with easy to use interfaces

  • Custom corporate builds


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Pricing & Opportunities


$25 /month per user

Or $20/month billed annually

  • Track actionable insights from the field
  • Use image recogntion AI to identify issues
  • Use counting tools to predict yield
  • Export and share growing data
  • Collaborate and tag others in reports
  • Create communities to share knowledge
  • Integrate with 3rd party platforms

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Dedicated Workspace

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  • Everything in Basic Subscriber
  • Dedicated workspace and web app for your organization
  • Dedicated account rep
  • Custom development integration
  • Additional analytics and reporting tools

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Cloud-to-Cloud API

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  • Everything in Dedicated Workspace
  • Cloud-to-cloud integration into your organizations’ existing SaaS platform via API integration
  • Access to the Farmwave AI CORE library for your platform

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