Posted - June 26, 2024

Farmwave Schedules Q3 Midwest Tour!

Another Midwest Tour coming July 15-19!

Farmwave will be visiting dealers, speaking at Wabash Heartland Innovation Network (WHIN) , and hosting a Demo Day at The Smoker Farm! If you're in this area, let us know and we'll try and stop by.

Posted - June 21, 2024

Farmwave Schedule's 2024 European Tour!

July29 - August 9 2024 we'll be visiting a lot of new dealers and potential new customers. Looking forward to adding value. Europe ... here we come. We're really looking forward to meeting, in person, these groups of dealers, cooperatives, and companies we've been talking to for some time about Farmwave. Excited for what's to come!

Posted - June 6, 2024

Farmwave Welcomes Nathan Faleide

Nathan has actually been an involved with Farmwave for several years, along with others, as farmer advisors to Craig Ganssle. Nathan has always seen the passion and vision for Farmwave and understands that value, above all things, is what we seek to provide our customers at Farmwave.

Nathan joins Farmwave as the Chief Product Officer and will continue to drive interest, generate feedback, and look to new areas where the Farmwave technology can be used in the agriculture industry. He comes from decades of agriculture experience both in the field and in the technology sector.

Posted - May 28, 2024

July Dealer / Customer Demo Day

The Smoker Farm

July 18, 2024 in Wanatah, IN

Farmwave will be hosting a Dealer & Customer Demo Day at The Smoker Farm in Wanatah, IN on July 18, 2024.

There is no fee to attend, other than to get yourself there. Lunch will be provided.

Here's a lite agenda of the day:

RSVP By required by June 30. 

More details will be available if you're interested.

If you are interested in hosting your own demo day, let us know. Availability is limited.